Saturday, March 23, 2013

City Rail Private Maintenance Contractors - Maybe Endangering Their Lives!

A Transport Officer from NSW has advised that now the NSW Government has privatised its rail maintenance centres in Sydney there has been more potential health and safety risks being reported endangering lives.

There was an circumstance when there was 2 private contractors working actually on the maintenance of the railway line directly and City Rail knew nothing about as trains were travelling on the line - somewhere in the communication department there was lost wires of communication. No communication was received or communicated to City Rail.

Young commuters are being very clever now-a-days. When they travel by train to the City - they block their feet on the closing electronic train doors, which prevents the doors from closing by the guard - the guard has to instruct them not to do that as block the doors to 'let their running late mates in' on the train. By doing this causes complete delays in the Sydney rail network for commuters and transport officers. This is probably the time when we require more policing on stations and trains when they know heaps of people travel to these events.

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