Saturday, March 2, 2013

Western Sydney Trains Not Same Quality as North Shore - Blacktown Commuter!

A  relaxed commuter Sarujeet from Blacktown catches the T70  bus to Blacktown train station and then City Rail Trains to Central  return, to reach work during the week.

He would like to see quality of train services in Western Sydney is hard to reach the city with 30-40 minutes from Blacktown, claims  normally takes up to an hour and 15 minutes. and he has a 'biff' with  no air-conditioned trains  in the hot West as well, as we seem to get the 'Older Generation' trains!

 Sarujeet (waiving the Western Sydney flag), was stating  that we pay same fares as commuters in North Shore and they always appear to get good condition trains. He understands that it is not difficult to fix problems with City Rail trains but when decisions are made to provide  good services, some suburbs should not be neglected and preferential good trains  not just placed in more high  class suburbs/ train stations - they should provide good condition trains to all areas of Sydney and provide fairness  rather preferential treatment affecting  ones that do  not have the 'Good condition trains!'

Editor:  This seems to be a common trend of Western Sydney commuters feeling discomfort and this is essential that the right decision makers within NSW Government take notice and not ignore. Is it our main decision makers do not live in Western Sydney?

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