Sunday, March 17, 2013

Station Managers No Longer - Replaced By City Rail Shift Duty Managers!

About 2 months ago, reliable transport officer within NSW had advised to myself of  dramatic cuts being made within City Rail, which I was shocked to hear.

As a non-politician, myself, I understand when a new government comes to power, they sweep the old 'deadwood' from what they  say is the budget closets for the first 1-2 years and then they place more funds spending, replacing the deadwood and going back to rehiring. In theatrical acting it could be called 'Dress Rehearsal'.

So, when I was told that all Train Station Masters will be made redundant by July this year I wasn't sure whether to believe it or not until I received an  contact from Sydney Alliance that they have met with the Minister of Transport, raising  safety concerns on main Junction train Stations. It mentions how 118 train Station Masters will lose their jobs - Mount Druitt is not mentioned as it isn't a junction train station.

The current Train Station Master of Mount Druitt and myself have been discussing safety improvement required at Mount Druitt train station as we are working together to have a safer commuter community. We both agree Mount Druitt should be included in the Sydney Alliance request for train safety stations.

So the transport officer that had provided this information to myself, knows what he or she is talking about! Apparently  the Tran Station Managers/Masters will be replaced by shift Duty Managers.

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