Monday, March 11, 2013

City Rail Compared To Overseas Rail - Blacktown Commuter!

The other day a  young male commuter from Blacktown, catches  City Rail trains to Wynyard City Station and return on Monday to Fridays.

He claims, 'There is need for room for improvement for faster trains. The money we are paying is a 'rip-off', we have the most expensive  public transport network in the world. Compared to other worldwide cities rail have quick stop and go services. It costs more on a train then to travel by taxi from Wynyard to Central.

He wished he had more time to talk to myself, as his station was nearing. His last statement was The NSW for Transport recently dropped fares for overseas students, substantially. Why wasn't this done years ago?  He claims our City Rail is called 'Shitty Rail' and would like this image to change to a positive nickname.

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