Saturday, March 23, 2013

Young Lady Good Samaritan For Elderly Lady - Mount Druitt Commuter!

Yesterday, a non-English speaking elderly lady hopped on the train at Mount Druitt around 10.25 am and then jumped out of her upstairs seat screamed as if someone had attacked her or stolen something from her. She was speechless and in traumatic drama (which could have  resulted in a heart attack).

A young lady Samaritan went to her aid as she advised she left a book in Mount Druitt train station, including her ID - claiming in was her food there as well. So she left it behind at the station - the young lady just open heartedly said I will go back with you to Mount Druitt and got off at Rooty Hill with the lady. I have since contact Mount Druitt Train station this morning and was advised there was no report of book or ID taken thus I feel the good Samaritan young lady id such a lovely deed for the day.

Myself, I was running late for work but if I wasn't I would have done the same - would you?

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