Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Early Buses Needed In Mount Druitt On Weekends - Especially On Track Work Days - Lethbridge Park Commuter

Robyn from Lethbridge Park catches the Busways 780 bus to Mount Druitt bus interchange to Catch City Rail trains from Mount Druitt to Central train station.

Her issues are when City Rail track work is on weekends there are no early local  Bus-operated buses that are timetabled to take commuters to Mount Druitt train station even as early as 7.30am, from the community. This is so they can meet rail bus services which take commuters to their destination. An extra expenses is incurred when  ordering taxis to take commuters to the Mount Druitt train station. Robyn feels this is substantiated by a lot of other commuters in the area feeling the same - public transport buses should be  restructured and correctly planned by NSW for Transport and the current NSW Government to allow people to reach Major train station hubs, early in the mornings.

Robyn  (when working late), finishes work at 8pm, catches the 8.14pm train from Central train station, reaching Mount Druitt train station at 9.09pm. her next bus for the Busways 780 is 9.50pm - thus leaving a 40 minute wait for her to reach. Otherwise she catches the Westbus 759 to Emerton - walks dangerously at late night for 10 minutes to her homes. She requests the Busways 780 service to be a half an hour service at night tome!

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