Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Response To Face Book Comments Of Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park , Is It A White Elephant/ FRom City Western Line Manager!

On Monday, I notice a Face Book discussion on the fairly recent and new Mount Druitt Car Park and comments were coming think and thin from  locals, including Blacktown City Councillor Edmond Atalla (which I think that a Councillor gets involved local social media). From there it took  2 days for a response from the Western Line City Manager, Dimitri Hondros and here it is:

Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 15:50:32 +1100
Subject: RE: Mount Druitt Standard

Hi John,

Not sure what the answer to this one is, the fact is the Mount Druitt Commuter Car park is full every weekday so calling it a white elephant doesn't seem appropriate.

As for the parking in around the station on public roads that is a matter for council, for as long as the spots remain untimed customers will continue to park there.


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Addition comment, since last blog issued:

Leanne Heriot I wouldn't use it, it is too far from the station and also way too small to have ever made a real difference... council needs to buy the land the pub carpark is on and build a TRUE multi-storey carpark similar to the one built at St Marys station (whic...See More

Editors Comments: It is with great thanks, I give to Mr. Hondros,  representing City Rail to provide an instant response, which can be shared with our commuters in and around Mount Druitt.

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