Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So Far Generic Response From Prime Minister Julia Gillard Regarding Request For Support Free Bus Shuttle Mount Druitt!

We refer to our request to sent yesterday to the Honourable Prime Minister Julia Gillard, in relation to the to  our Free Bus Shuttle Petition. We response which asks not to respond and advised that it may be referred to a Minister of The Australian Federal Government.
So far there is a bureaucrat just looking after the e-mail and maybe the Prime minister may not even see the e-mail or if not will not be provided the e-mail.
Sp far our phones are not running hot with call from the PM's Office or even any other Ministers Office!
When I viewed Julia Gillard's speech at the University of Western Sydney Rydalmere ( on ABC News 24 on the 3rd March 2013), she emphasised how import was public transport in Western Sydney. If this is true, I would assume she would knock on our door and support us, if not then that answers her statement  regarding public transport!
I'l be astounded if the PM knocks on our door!

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