Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Free Shuttle Bus Mount Druitt - Passageway Of Travel Bringing In New Community Links To Ordinary People!

I've spent  up to 3 hours in Mount Druitt obtaining signatures for petitions for the Free Shuttle bus Route we are proposing to lobby for.

People are shocked we are lobbying for a good thing. A good thing in Mount Druitt people need - needs that fulfils daily requirements of every single people in Mount Druitt. There are people that thought when I am announcing the Free Bus Shuttle' that I am preaching of religion, asking or pleading for money. What we are doing is not asking for money and I see it is hard to talk to people, when they are rushed to go home or even work or even for entertainment.

So far I have raised just over 100 signatures and I'm sure there are  more than hundreds around the area being signed organised. What I like is the word is going around. People are talking about it during their breakfast, lunch and dinner with their family and friends. One person speaking to another and then that person speaks to another - it there for doesn't take long until the words spread, outside of Mount Druitt to other Western Sydney suburbs and then hitting Sydney and the offices of  NSW Transport Minister, The NSW opposition spokesperson on Transport, The Leader of the  Opposition Leader and the NSW Premiers desk. I'm just talking about words of  'Free Shuttle Bus' the petitions may hit their desks later and then that will solidify what the people want from within Mount Druitt.

People are saying, ' This is good. This is what we want. It is good what you have there. I'll give it to others to sign. This is what the community needs and finally a lot of people are wishing us good luck!' Well what more can be said - when is the last time Mount Druitt had something good to talk about? And I hope it won't be the last!

Thank you people of Mount Druitt keep it up!

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