Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mount Druitt Passion: Free Shuttle Bus Is Moving People To Sign Petition - Linking The Community!

This is to The Premier of NSW, The NSW Minister For Transport, NSW Opposition Leader, NSW Transport Opposition Spokesperson, NSW Members for Londonderry, Mount Druitt, Blacktown  City Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and Mulgoa, Blacktown City Councillors of Ward 4 and 5, Federal Transport Minister and the Prime Minister of Australia.

Please note that, we the people and commuter representatives of Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs, hereby are getting the 'message' of the Free shuttle bus petition, right across the community and the petitions are being signed. It has been a slow start, but the response has been great.

The more contact we make, the more people want to sign petitions. Networks of  people, organisations and businesses are spreading the  word for us. We have business owners, pensioners, husbands, wives, families, even transport officers, council officers, councillors are all starting to sign the petition as they can all see the positive benefit, provided to all the community - the greatest link to bring people together,  positive talking - less walking. People will be so proud of Mount Druitt. Not a place that is talked about  it's negative  anti social aspects it may have ( like many other suburbs in Sydney and Western Sydney), a placed that is liked as a place to live in: comfort and such beautiful self-pride. A place that we can live in honour of others living around us, the sharing of peace and harmony. The passion of  being happy and sharing that fulfilled happiness, with neighbours, friends and family. 

The people of Mount Druitt deserve something good to happen in our area, we have had good things happen in the past that  gets low key publicity: The Mount Druitt Hub and Emerton Leisure Centre. So, in Mount Druitt we need more good things to happen. The Free Bus Shuttle is not only a good thing, it is a  great thing to have: a great identity, linking the community to essential services that would normally be difficult to get too.

So take head, listen to us and understand what good things the community needs. We ask all of you to support our petition as  a petition of vital importance for the goodness of the Mount Druitt community.

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