Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Elderly Commuter With Less Paying Windows in Mount Druitt - Rooty Hill South Commuter!

Chris from Rooty Hill South is a regular commuter  that has various issues in relation to public transport within Mount Druitt.

He has to travels to the City various times in a week for medical reasons and that because there are no accessible lifts in Rooty Hill as yet, he catches taxis to and from Mount Druitt as he has a walking cane, used by each hand to assist his ability to walk. This, in itself is very costly for him, if if there was a lift at Rooty Hill  his  living costs would have been down.

When he reached Mount Druitt yesterday morning, at around 9.20am - there was a very long queue and only one service counter available  for him to pay his concession fare. His train was due in 8 minutes. When he peeked in the the office of Mount Druitt Train station he had seen 2 employees doing paperwork. He felt that it is the NSW Government's responsibility to ensure that at least 2 windows should be open, to accommodate commuters to pay for their fares, ensuring there is ample time to reach his train.

As a major Commuter train station in Sydney, in Mount Druitt, he is not in a position to use the electronic ticketing machines because of the concession tickets, they have to be verified by Sydney Trains Customer Service representatives. Every day this happens and if he misses the fast train for this, the next train is all stations, making his journey longer.

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