Friday, August 2, 2013

International Student Requires Fair Public Transport Student Fares!

A young gentleman Student, Saqib from St Marys, travels daily by Sydney Trains from St Marys train station  to Central train station. He also fits in ten minutes of walk every day to and from St Marys train station and also to and from Central to UTS ( University of Technology).

As an international student he is paying at least $250 per month for public transport trains and is not provided a discount as an international student, where domestic students are provided a 50 percent  fare reduction. This fare should be charged at the same rate for each student, as the cost for international students is expensive. 

Saqib was saying you cannot distinguish between either domestic or international students, there are all students, and should be treated equally, which he considers is important.

The other issue he has, is that on the Western Line, Sydney Trains are providing a lot of older train carriages that don't have a temperature control system and it is hard to travel in comfort when the weather is 6 degrees and you have gushing cold air circulating on commuter faces. the immediate change need to be done to provide  more improved, modern temperature controlled carriages.

This is not too bad from an international student, concerned of fares and commuter comfort, what are thoughts? We invite your comments?

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