Thursday, August 8, 2013

Migrant Student's Suggestion On Public Transport Fares For Migrants - Mount Druitt Commuter!

Every day, our  Australian, New South Wales and Mount Druitt population grows arising from natural birth, natural migration or as refugees.  So today Tadese from Mount Druitt has provided his belief of how immigrants should be treated in relation to public transport.

Tadese has two months ago migrated from Ethiopia and catches the Westbus 780 bus to and from Ropes Crossing to Mount Druitt 4 days a week. He stated that the improvements in public transport he would like to see is, ' When I see the public transport there is  not any bad but the price of each trip is much expensive for people to have no work, especially immigrants. People need to move from place to place. 

They need transport especially when you take my cost  is a day $7.20 per day and it is difficult one, having no work. Public transport should be free or if possible  half-price fares should be paid. I stand from my problem because I'm a student in Macquarie A.M.E.P.  (Australian Migrant English Program).'

Those were Tadese's actual words as he told, he was a former teacher in Ethiopia and would like to be given a chance to teach in Australia shortly.

How do you feel about Tadese's improvement for public transport. Do you agree with his proposal to have free public transport or half-price fares, let's  hear from you!

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