Monday, August 19, 2013

Compassion Required Commuters In Need - Old Mount Druitt Commuter!

Jaspher from Old Mount Druitt travels  by Sydney Trains to Parramatta and City of Sydney. He  thinks there should be improvements in the majority of train station announcements, allowing commuters to clearly understand what is being said by using quality speech that is thoroughly understood (for the commuters that may have a hearing loss). What is need is more clarity and guidelines as commuters listen carefully, not reading as if it is a fast speech!

He feels that Sydney Trains Customer Service Representatives, should be taking commuters that need assistance in train and train carriages, inside the train and travel with them to ensure they are safe having a pleasant journey. Also former transit officers could do this as well. Some times you see 4-5 safety Offers walk around in one time maybe they can split and 2 in one train and another 2-3 in another train to provide more safety.

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