Thursday, August 15, 2013

Busways Take Over Region One Contracts As From 7th October 2013

I have heard from two sources that Busways will take over the Bus Region 1 officially as from 7th October 2013.

One thing we must stress to everyone is Busways is not Buying out Westbus, which is what a lot of commuters are spreading as a rumor in the community. Luckily, being involved with the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. we understand the process of winning a government tender for the operation of buses.

We don't see the actual done to win it, can see what is involved in winning it  and 'back to basics' the  bus operator that provides more 'real time' of time tables.

We hope that the local press pick up  from us to educate the community, in confirming that Busways has not bought out Westbus, especially when the new bus changes will occur.

From bus drivers, I have heard there are some Westbus bus drivers that are upset with their new contracts, especially when they were paid  overtime on weekends and the weekend penalty rates for Busways is less than the overtime rates for Westbus drivers get paid  by 0.25 - Busways offering 1 1/2 times for Saturday and overtime for Westbus was 1 3/4 times.

I'm sure Busways is doing their best to make Westbus drivers happy to join them!

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