Monday, August 19, 2013

Reasonable Increased Of Expressed Train Services In Off-Peak Times - Rooty Hill Commuter!

A young man Pankaj from Rooty Rooty Hill, travels from Mount Druitt to North Sydney by Sydney Trains and return every day.
After 6.30pm trains stops at more train stations then he thinks is necessarily to get home. 9.30am or after heading to North Sydney, the frequency of catching Express trains to North Sydney is less than before this time - taking 1 1/4-1/2 to get to reach work.

The solution is to work out the number of people travelling: tracking down from ticketing from North Sydney or Mount Druitt, to find out if there is increase patronage, then if is it showing increased in patronage - try to increase the number of train services in off-peak and trial  for 6 months.

His belief is the numbers of train services depends on the number of ticket sales and destination of journeys, recorded.

Pankaj purchases My Multi-Three Weekly ticket and didn't realise that he doesn't have to pay for bus services from Rooty Hill to Mount Druitt, separately. So far, his wife drives him to and from Mount Druitt and use the benefits of his current purchased weekly ticket.

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