Sunday, August 11, 2013

Modern Mount Druitt Train Station Information

Here is great information for Mount Druitt commuters and even the wider commuter community.

We normally do not understand how important and big Mount Druitt is as a public transport hub until we compare against other train stations, especially in Western Sydney. So here are some interesting acts been provided to myself yesterday from a NSW transport Officer.

Now the NSW Government is steering away from the labeling employees of former Sydney Rail as Station Assistants, they are now been given a different image of representing Sydney Trains as Customer Service Representatives. This allows them to  really become the forefront of Customer Service for Sydney Trains, allowed to provide information that promotes the best interests for the community.

In the Western Sydney sector of Western Sydney ( which covers within the train stations of Carlingford,Richmond, Auburn, Emu Plains), Mount Druitt is 3rd in Revenue Sales and Ticket Issues. Parramatta being 1st and then Blacktown 2nd. Ticket issues are not perceived as complaints from commuters it is the ticket office issuing tickets to commuters.

The current Western Line Customer Service Manager position is still vacant at the moment, whilst the job's area of responsibilities has been reduced substantially. At present the station Master for Penrith is the acting Manager. The reduced areas of responsibility are from Emu Plains all stations to Blacktown*. Once a month the New Customer Service Manager comes to each train station to complete all the book work for the month, providing assistance to each station, also responsible for smaller stations and their revenues. At present Duty Managers from each train station are responsible for each stations day to day running.

The other thing that is educational for us, is the Electronic Indicator signs/boards compared to what Sydney Trains use. All to do with information technology, the electronic indicator boards/signs we see is called an 'LIC' system, which although is showing what we call the real time of a departure. It is still not accurate meeting actual departing times. 

'LIC' is controlled in a central building and is well controlled, secured and well staffed.

The problem I had was that it had indicated on the board 3 minutes to go on the public electronic board/sign yesterday, yet on platform 1 the train was leaving. This can set frustration with other commuters as opposed to myself who can take it calmly!

In the Station office, the they also have the 'TLS' system, which is the train locator system, which works on sensors on the tracks which indicate where the train is. This system is more reliable and not integrated with the 'LIC' systems as yet. If it was it would provide more accurate information systems to Mount Druitt commuters and also commuters from all over other places.

*Emu Plains, Penrith, Werrington, Kingswood, St Marys, Mount Druitt, Rooty Hill, Doonside and Blacktown train stations.

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