Monday, August 12, 2013

More Carriages - Penrith Commuter!

Annette a commuter from Penrith train station to Wynyard train stations return and has been commuting on trains for 29 years.

She would improvements on the Country train that leaves Penrith at 6.05am weekdays that normally she stand up the entire trip to Wynyard and would suggest that the train carriages are increased from 4 carriages to 6 carriages  so that everyone can sit down. It was a six car train before  and she doesn't understand why that was changed!

On a positive note, she is eagerly excited about the roll out of the new Electronic Ticketing System, which she would like to be released. She feels that she is looking  to the convenience of getting the  ETS , tap and go and payment over the phone!

Older people will pick it up this system better and later then us.

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