Friday, August 23, 2013

Reserved Train Engines Ready To Replace Sydney Trains Breaking Down - Seven Hills Commuter!

Ravi from Seven Hills travels by Sydney Trains twice a week to and from Town Hall and uses the Hills Buss 700 to and from Parramatta as well.

Although he feels the services are good, he does feel disheartened when  there are sometimes problems with time table especially with trains, causing 15-20 minutes delay. Buses can also be delayed up to 20 minutes.

He claims one of the solutions is to give better training to Sydney Trains staff ( inclusive of Management), so that they can look at ways trains can be on time if everyone works together. Another solution is that Sydney Trains should have a reserve Train Engine to replaces train engines that break down or even strict and proper maintenance checks are completed ensuring trains  are in perfect service to not break down.

Great ideas - what do you think - provide feedback  to us - let us know your thoughts!

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