Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glendenning Commuter Can't Wait For The New 'OPAL CARDS' To Come Out West!

When travelling on public transport trains and buses I do ask the questions to commuters and meet great people every day. I am so surprised that so many people are talking the chance to talk, even though to them I am a stranger. They are quite open to their thoughts of improvements in public transport in Western Sydney or even Sydney, which is important.

Yesterday, I met  a very young pleasant Grace from Glendenning, who drives to Mount Druitt from home to catch Sydney Trains to Town Hall and return every day.

She is the first commuter in Mount Druitt that is that really excited about the introduction of the new 'ETS Opal Card' (Electronic Ticketing System), that will provide easier access to purchase tickets, eliminate waiting times at train stations and hopefully buses as well. She does think a lot of commuters will benefit from this new system when it comes in, understanding it is coming in to the Western Sydney in different stages, currently introduced in the inner city of Sydney circle and Eastern Suburbs line.

One of her pet issues is little or no commuter car space available in Mount Druitt as she arrives to park her car in 'Off-peak time'. Although Mount Druitt has a quite small Commuter Car Park, she finds that the initial allotment of car spaces, should have been at least 400, being 3- 4 levels of car park - similar to Seven Hills.

Grace would use local bus services, if she knew that Mount Druitt had Safety/Police Officers ensuring commuters are safe at night especially after 10pm - when rostered to work on Mondays and Tuesdays.  On Sydney trains there should be Safety Officers in the back and front carriages of trains at night as there is only guards (middle of the train carriages) who can provide little or limited protection. 

She doesn't know how this could be done by the NSW for Transport or NSW Minister of Transport, yet after only travelling on trains for a few months has only seen Police Transit Officers twice on trains at night, in that period of time.  Rooty Hill Train Station also is in need to have Safety/Security at night where there isn't anyone to be seen at night! Safety for commuters must come first!

Ending on a positive note, Grace says trains are running more on time then years ago and loves the way Town Hall has 3 Customer Service Representatives (on each platform) with their new uniform, they are all wired up talking to each other and work altogether to keep Sydney Trains running smoothly.

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