Monday, August 12, 2013

Allow Pregnant Ladies To Sit Down On Sydney Trains - Bungarribee Commuter

Jimmy from Bungarribee ( new suburb in Mount Druitt), with his wife his pregnant travels by Sydney Trains from Doonside to North Sydney and return.

He sees a lot of people/commuters on trains sitting on disable seats not allowing  pregnant ladies to sit down sit down. Also people getting in and out of trains, don't notice these ladies they will  sit down first.

Solution is you can't change the way people act, yet he will always do what he does and that is help the community and senior citizens to provide them with their seats that they should have.

He then noted that I as I told him this blog will be published , he may be able to change the way commuters react to a better positive way.

Do you give seats up for pregnant ladies or senior citizens - let know your stories/comments?

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