Thursday, August 8, 2013

'Peace of Mind' Required on Sydney Trains On Western Line - Doonside Commuter!

More and more Western Sydney commuters are opening up to myself as while asking them important questions in relation to improving public transport, using their views.

Today talk to Kabir from Doonside, who travels with Sydney Trains from Doonside and Parramatta in return every day for work, created  some interesting comments (overhearing the conversation), from a lady commuter. This proves word of mouth spreads!

 Kabir likes quite morning  compartments in carriages as he feels it is a personal choice rather than listening to loud talking or loud piping music, which can be annoying.

He also would like train time tables maintained rather than cancelled or delayed for various reasons. He finds it is the responsibility of the NSW Government to take ownership and provide more trains to alleviate train time table issues and disruptions to commuters life.

The final thing that gets Kabir is that on the North Shore line there seems to be comfort trains and comfort train carriages. In comparison, the western line is cold and uncomfortable in winter. Then a lady overhearing us was saying that she has heard the Western Line tracks are not made for the newer trains and can only facilitate the older trains. If true, that would mean that tracks would have to be altered to suite the new trains that the North have - their tracks are adaptable to the newer trains.

If Kabir had the power to make the above public transport improvements, he would increase and improve the number of quiet carriages. Importantly, he suggests there should be a major campaign to promote 'Quite Carriages' on many billboards, radio stations and the television media, this would then leave him being more considerate to other commuters. Leave  peace of mind to all.

What do you think of these suggested improvements? Do you agree or disagree?

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