Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Safety Officers And On Time Trains Required On Western Line - Bidwill Commuter

Tariq from Bidwill travels from Mount Druitt to Parramatta and returns to work almost every day and is another commuter concerned of cancelled or delayed trans that may prevent him to get to work on time.

His suggestion is for Sydney Trains to probably place more staff on to get the services running on time, ensuring properly maintained and service checks are completed. He does understand the reasons for these setbacks and breakdowns feeling that in general all trains should be properly checked and fix it up, as well as the tracks they run on. This is vital to reduce the effects of breakdowns and delays of Sydney Trains.

Another issue he feels should be fully addressed by the NSW Government is the issue of 'Commuter Safety'. Safety in Public Transport travelling is important. He feels that more and more safety officers, should be placed each and every train trip around Sydney and Western Sydney. This is so that commuters do not have to face possible intoxicated commuters causing potential problems for other commuters. These officers should be made ready and available to control these issues if they are at the spot of causing trouble.

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