Friday, August 23, 2013

Silent Workers Provide Necessary Improvements With Bus Stop Accessibility!

I met Stoya yesterday,  who was measuring the stop where there will be another accessible access in Whalan  He works hard for his father who is contracted  to care care of concreting of kerbsides, footpaths, roundabouts, touching up of underpasses and for the concrete that provides access to commuters for bus stops.

He advised that Blacktown City Council Inspectors have to mark out the pot where the concrete slab will be placed and Stoya checks out the  engineering plans from there, ensuring that it is made to be compliant to all regulations and acts.

His fathers Company Georgievski Bros Concreting, can be contacted on 02 9677 2011  as they a qualified industrial concreters. The contracted boundaries they cover in Blacktown City Council are from ( East) Doonside to (West) St Marys  and from ( North) Dean Park to (South) Eastern Creek.

Interest facts that Stoya told myself is that the anti slip plastic strips are not  done by his company as the concrete has to cure first and although he may have some views on bus shelters he can not discuss this with any members of the community as this is not his profession.  Finally 10 - 12 concrete slabs can be laid per day as directed by Council.

So when we (as community members), saying 'Council does nothing!' And this this said no matter who is in leading in Local Government - let's give a thought to one's that do work around the area directed by Council, to provide better improvements within the area.We thank these important people playing their role in bringing us into a  great and better community!

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