Friday, August 2, 2013

Sydney Train Customer Service Representative at Blacktown Takes Control Of Hundreds OF Commuters Re Near Mount Druitt Station Fatality!

It  is rare to see the previous City Rail employees or the current Sydney Train employees, be congratulated for taking control on an unfortunate situation that arose, upsetting the entire Sydney Rail train network and throwing the system into chaos.

Because of a fatality, near Mount Druitt train station, immediately the management of Sydney Trains had to prevent trains from  travelling  in between Blacktown to St Marys train stations. Details were unclear of the specifics of the fatality but never-the-less not many commuters did want to  find out about that. I came to the Customer Desk at the barrier where a commuter was getting upset and I took over the situation by asking calmly questions and then reassuring commuters nearby that Sydney Trains are taking control of situation.

What commuters didn't know is that the Blacktown Customer Service Representatives - a lot of them were due to go home at 9pm when it happened and stayed on to look after and  make it easier for  commuters , while the Blacktown Station Duty Manager organised immediately 5 buses from Busways, one from Carlingford and one from Granville to take commuters to all stations to  St Marys Train Station, where trains took commuter further west.

Rachelle. Sydney Trains Customer Service Representative, deserved accolades for calming commuters as they were arriving bear the Blacktown train station barriers. She didn't lose her voice as (their PA system all of a sudden wasn't working).

Finally buses came, as we were asked to walk down to stand 1. By then there was hundreds of people waiting to get home. Rachelle was still trying to calm the situation, until people made it onto buses.

There was an elderly gentleman that could barely stand for long periods - he was due to go to the Lower Mountains, a few of us called for clearance as a few of us  aided him as he struggled to get on the bus . Some commuters would push in front of him , not caring of his situation. He finally made into the bus - there was an Australian man who offered to walk him him and ensure he was safe getting into the bus as well.

One lady in a pink top suggested that if buses come  all stations to St Marys  and also express to Penrith, then commuter going to Mountains stand on the  east part of the bus stand and the rest on the west, Rachelle thought it was a good idea starting to tell commuters to do this bus buses started coming.

Thank you for the NSW Government to make the transition of commuters from buses and trains in Blacktown go smoothly, all employees should  be applauded for the work they do, as it always starts from the ground staff  as well. 

A commuter made a comment that contingencies should be in place for the New South Wales Government to properly provide an emergency plan to prepare for these further situation to arise. It was then said by the same commuter that.

If you faced this issue last night provide your thoughts on what your feedback is?

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