Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rooty Hill Commuter - Safer Late Trains And More Mid-Morning Express Trains!

Hassan, a Rooty Commuter, walks to Mount Druitt train station  and sometimes catches city Rail train to Town Hall train station. He catches trains sometimes for work and finds at around 10.35am there should allocated an express train to the city,  stopping at 3 or 4 stations after Mount Druitt train station. He finds travelling to and from the city 2 hours a day  is a long part of a day if reduced to 30 minutes with Express trains, other people will be happy as they also share the  to have the same train service he travels on  improved, which will reduce travelling time.

His second and most important public transport improved is safety at late nights on trains seems to be little or nothing. He travels back home around 11-12pm and fights that he is not completely safe as he hasn't seem police officers and or transit officers on any train trips when he travels. He feels that especially late at nights there should be security guards/police officers  from trips at night from the city to make it a safer environment for commuters like himself and others.

He explained he felt so unsafe one night, when he departed the train carriage at Mount Druitt and he was the only one to do so - this made him feel a little insecure.

At times when I speak to these wonderful good people, who give up their travelling time. not knowing why I would like to speak to them, they make myself proud when they provide  complimentary comments.  Hassan was  appreciates the work I do and also appreciated the conversation we had as he can see that once the blog is published  all people will get information and they will make a decision how the improvement could be better for them!

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