Monday, December 31, 2012

Wow I am Touched - Reward For Helping a Lady Commuter!

If I see someone struggling with anything I will try to assist them. Wouldn't you?

So as I left the train this afternoon at Mount Druitt train station and walked on the platform, I had seen a female transport officer, carrying a quite large suitcase offering assistance to a disabled elderly lady walking with a cane in her right hand. Without any hesitation i offered to walk the suitcase (or roll it). to the top of the vestibule area. As we reached the top of the lift, I asked where she was going too - she advised it was the taxi rank and straight away she asked where where I was going, I replied the Bus interchange - she meant which suburb. 

When I advised her which suburb, it was 'Whalan' she was so pleased and said she is dropping myself home in the same taxi. She introduced herself as Robyn and explained how she had travelled from Port Macquarie area and when she reached Strathfield receives so much help from station assistants and security guards who assist her with luggage and even train guards assist her as well. This startled myself, that in this current modern day of age that so much courteous people are a round to assist one person!

In relation to myself assisting Robyn from Whalan  I was blown away by the offer of a trip home - this could be the start of payback for the voluntary work I do - but all I wanted was her life to be easier for 5 minutes at least!

Thank you Robyn for dropping myself home in a taxi prior to dropping yourself home. I would still assist someone without lifts to home, but very much appreciated! 

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