Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bidwill Commuter Has New Driver Issues!

A very young lady who ran 'the mile in one minute' this morning - so to say - was exhausted from having limited timed  linking from bus train to train  this morning.

Brana catches the Busways 750 bus  which arrives around 6.06-6.09 am at Bidwill and normally arrives late with "New drivers' being trained in this time of the morning usually. This bus arrives at Bidwill around 6.15 am, arriving late and then arriving late at  mount Druitt Bus Interchange - sometimes she will miss the 25 past train or even just make it for the train connection to Parramatta, in Mount Druitt  Interchange to train station record.

Brana understands that bus drivers need their training when they are new but this has been happening for a couple of months. Would like to make a suggestion not to just chose her  750 route to  spread the training around Mount Druitt in that time of the morning.

Even a suggestion was to try new bus driver training on school  bus runs as they generally run down same streets as other routes!

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