Saturday, December 15, 2012

Busways New Timetables Reason for 21/12/12

Well, I requested information from Busways Group Development Manager for Busways, Andrew Glass in relation to any major changes to the new timetables as advised in our blog: Busways New Time Tables In Bus Region-1 and I can happily say instant response has been received.

The doors of communication have been opened and I can see that there is positive vibes coming from our new found relationship, where we can receive efficient vital communication so that the public can be more informed.

As quoted  by Mr. Glass, the time tables  have no major effect on time tables itself except to commence 2013 with more accessible buses  for to go over their Key performance indicator of being DDA compliant.

'The changes relate to timetable updates that show more accessible buses operating.  From January 1, 2013, we need to operate at least 55% of trips with an accessible bus to meet DDA requirements - and our latest changes will actually take the figure closer to 60%.
So there are no time or route changes – just more trips marked with a wheelchair symbol!'
Thank you Mr. Glass for your feedback on behalf of Busways!

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