Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lucky Day for Lucky Bus Driver!

Today I was speaking to a Busways bus driver, who was  telling of his experience today when he said his new bus was overheating  as the gage showed it that way.Luckily the Busways replacement Bus ( from maintenance) came as quick as possible, ensuring that his last 758 route trip (for the day) would start on time. Fantastic!

Then he remembered myself in leading the charge to getting the Busways 755 returned and thought what good work was done to get that back! He also advised since he started working for Busways they employed approximately 140 bus drivers - now they have approximately close yo 200 bus drivers - which he says he is training two of them! 

This make me then think that more bus drivers means more route and then more trips and lastly more commuters catching buses. Not a bad conception of an idea!

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