Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blind Spot For Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park User

Pradeep, from Rooty Hill met myself a few months and was so polite to me as I sat next to him on the train.  He told me that he found our website very interesting to read as it had a variety of information.

He wanted to provide feedback in relation to the Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park that has recently been opened. The bottom Commuter car Park is Filled every day between Monday to Friday and he says the only issue that he faces is when driving out of the existing commuter car park, there is usually 2 cars parked on the  right side, causing a blind spot by blocking on coming traffic coming from the right. It makes it extremely obscure vision, making it difficult to leave the Commuter Car Park.

Although they are legally allowed to park in those spots, I was wondering if Blacktown City Council and/or City Rail would investigate the issue to see if  the blind spot is confirmed and the then look at ways to eliminate the hazard.

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