Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shalvey Commuter Backs Up Angie - Shalvey Loop Bus!

A very nice nice tertiary student, Kylie, catches the Busways 755 bus at 8.01 am and normally finds that this makes her late to reach study at Parramatta.

Yet, as the bus arrives late normally at around 8.09 am this makes her miss connected trains at Mount Druitt allowing her to catch train around 8.50 am reaching her Parramatta 9.25 am.

Se would prefer the Busways 755 to  t least be every 20 minutes rather than the poor 1/2 hour service available. Also she has issues with the bus stop outside of Shalvey shops, not picking up commuters there and making commuters walk to the other side of the road - she advised many commuters miss this bus service because of it.

This supports one of our previous blogs that Angela Plows has  raised as well:

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