Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bus Driver Cannot Do The Shalvey Loop For Commuter!

Angie, Group Secretary and Shalvey resident was waiting on the  north side of  Luxford Road at a Bus Shop, when the bus driver advised her he couldn't take her 100 metres or so and do the loop to start his new journey for 'insurance purposes'.

Although, the Busways driver has a moral obligation to Busways: that is if he had a bus accident doing the loop into Shalvey High School bay and Angie was inside the bus, he maybe liable for allowing her to enter bus when he is not allowed  for her to enter bus until beginning of new run.

Yet on Angie's point of view she may have reached that North side bus stop, thinking the bus driver can take her in case the reaches the Shalvey High School side and misses the bus! 

Luxford Rd, Shalvey NSW 2770
     see where the looped bay in Shalvey High School is - left of green arrow!

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