Monday, December 31, 2012

A Special Happy New Year to Mount Druitt Commuters 2013

On behalf of the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc., I would like to wish all commuters  travelling in and out of Mount Druitt or surrounding suburbs a safe and Happy New Year 2013 and also thank all Public Transport Officers for providing a safe and well being public transport network and system so far as we look for further improvement in the Year 2013.


January:       should make commuter  have joy while using public 
February:     should make commuters have fun while using  public 
March:         should give commuters a greater chance to meet 
                     others while using public transport
April:            should give commuters more access to improved
                     public transport services
May:            should give commuters more services that are required 
                    for improved public transport     
June:           should give commuters the justified infrastructure 
                    required to improve public transport 
July:            should give commuters just what they need to have
                    improved public transport
August:       should allow commuter to actual public transport reach
                   actual destination to actual time tables
September: should allow commuters to have reasonable on time 
                   public transport services
October:     should allow commuters to only have  the appropriate 
                   public transport  corridor services needed
November: should allow commuter to never be denied necessary
                   public transport services and infrastructure
December: that commuters should be allowed  public transport
                  network that provide them with easy access to take to 
                  their final destination.

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