Saturday, December 15, 2012

Norwegian Virgin Commuter Feedback On his First City Rail Trip!

David from Staranger in Norway had his first virgin trip on City Rail train as a tourist and he was travelling from  Burwood to Kingswood. Amazing from one woody town to another woody town!

He claims  Sydney public transport is better that Norway Public transport system always has a seat available compared to Norway where very rare to have a seat.  He also claimed that Tapai in Taiwan has the most  extremely clean,  always has seats available and have organised infrastructure and services in public transport.

One thing advised that is implemnted in Norway in public transport ( although he claims he hasn't used it yet) is  with tram, train and bus services if the service is 5 minutes late as per time table ( in the Centre of Oslo), if you are travelling to work or hospitals, you can catch taxi keep your ticket and  then claim it forn the Minister of transport and get a refund.

Wow how Would bus operators & City Rail Managers cope with this!

Actually Click here for Free Public Transport in Oslo, Norway!

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