Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mount Druitt Public Transport Keeps On Moving - Even Though Of The Mayan Calendar!

In our life past, we all want to make life predictions and there are a lot of theories of when the world ends, as per Mayan Calendar predictions. Last night Mount Druitt Commuter and  Commuters around the world mostly survived. At 11: 11pm last might, I breathed and breathed and lasted the night. I did not believe that the world would end  and had a  strong feeling it was just hysteria and  to  pose questions in our lives.

Public transport in Mount, Druitt, the Greater Western Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Austral and then the world continues as we wake up this morning and the new day begins.

Let's keep on using public transport as the world continues and lives  on, as we live in our beautiful daily lives.


Click here for Mayan Calendar details

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