Friday, November 1, 2013

Busways Management Compliment Busways Customer Service Officer Officer At Mount Druitt

A few days I report how a Busways Customer Service Representative tapped myself on the shoulder, whilst I was talking to a commuter and handed myself a copy of the new bus time table. 

He was fully complimented for his service that he was provided not just to myself but continually handing out to other commuters. He said he picked up a box  of time table, which he was doing of his own bat - this was his idea. Well it was so good to here that the manager from Busways that reads our blogs acts on our blogs!

Further news as well was yesterday I required a 780 time table for my daughter and myself when I caught the Busways 755 bus yesterday morning at 6.15 on Bulolo Road, I asked the bus driver for this particular time table. Well this morning when  I entered the bus the bus driver quickly asked myself if I still required the 780 bus time table, I responded positively and  kindly thanked him. I was not prepared for this extra service.

It is good that bus drivers are going out of their way to help commuters, especially if they remember who we are - keep it up.

Have you had any similar situations happen in Mount Druitt or in your local area?

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