Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Minor Leaks On Buses In Mount Druitt!

For a long time in Sydney and Greater Western Sydney there has been dry weather and when the wet weather comes it comes suddenly and with notice.

As I was travelling on the bus, a bit wet myself I noticed on the front internal screen of the bus that it had rain drops. Not from commuters shrugging themselves and ridding the water off their bodies. 

I am pretty sure buses are checked for leakage and inspect from time to time. This is a minor leakage but could lead to a major leaks if continued. 

On the other hand the wipers of the bus were making pretty annoying screeching sounds for the driver, he said he would be able to try to  adjust the wipers as not used for a  not rime - and if can't fix will  report as a defect.

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