Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blind and Vision Impaired Commuters With Sydney Trains Announcements!

Dan from Mount Druitt Village trans by Sydney Trains to City of Sydney and Penrith.

Most of the time I talk to able commuters, who do not have any disability in their livelihood. Yesterday, I was glad to meet Dan who is an vision impaired or blind commuter, need  limited assistance to get to destinations by trains.

With Time table information, he advised in Perth there are Information boxes for buses on bus stops - all you have to do is pres it and it tells you when the next time the bus is arriving with the route number announced as well. This is also on train stations in Perth. This is not something that could be done now on bus stops and train trains all over Sydney or the Greater Western Sydney, yet it could be something  to be considered for the future.

Announce on trains for vision impaired and blind commuters is generally good,  yet sometimes make him unsure when the next train station  of his destination is coming up. Mostly he finds the announcements are clear 50/50. They come out  distinct, clear and a good volume. 

The newer train carriages released on the T1 Western and North Shore Line are pretty much perfect, unless they are out of synchronization. In fact his experience one day was coming back from the City to Mount Druitt it was announced on the train carriage was 'Mount Druitt but' actually the next train he got off on was 'Rooty Hill'. It wasn't too bad as he waited 10 minutes for  next train to pick him up from Rooty Hill and then get off one train station later at Mount Druitt.  It really inconvenienced himself  on that day.

he doesn't get buses as he cannot read the bus route numbers/signs on the buses. We both thought that Transport for NSW could look at  developing a system where  vision impaired or blind commuters could be sent a text  a voice recorded message of the phone, indicating when the next bus arrives, route number etc. This would be  a special announcement that could be pre-arranged prior to catching the catch  via the website 131500 or contacting 131500. 

This was just one of many ideas that could be done to improve services for the vision impaired and blind commuters.

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