Friday, November 1, 2013

'Big Time Relieved Commuter' for Quieter Train Carriages After Constant Talk!

A nice lovely young lady from  Mount Druitt, Reika takes a 10 minute walk from home to Mount Druitt train station, then catches Sydney Trains from Mount Druitt to Town Hall and return trip as well, weekdays.

The funny thing  is  she laughed at  myself , before she spoke and  the reason was there was another 'Seat Hogger' on a three-seater, which when I asked to sit down, not only  moved from middle to right to right, moved right out of the seat and  walked away. This was just leaving Parramatta train station! It was just so funny the way she left as if my sitting in the middle of the seat caused her move away!

 I have blogged before about Seat Hoggers and they are around!

Anyway back to Reika, she advised firstly she would like to have more  quiet carriages  and secondly has experienced train carriages not being quite one morning when 3 young people were 
constantly talking from Mount Druitt until they got off at Parramatta. This happened last week on the 5.45 am train, which was based on the old time tables, when they got off the train she was 'relieved big time!'

 Reika would like Sydney Trains and the NSW  Police to provide on-the-spot harsh penalties of $20.00 each for each commuter. On a lighter note, light penalties could be silver coin donations to a charity- well we both laugh on this one!

What  do you think should be done to make Quieter trains carriages quieter?

Click Here for Quite Carriages Information from 131500 website

Editors Notes 2/11/13: due  to one of the below comments being received, I would like to thank the community member that  advised and has corrected myself that the Quite Carriages are for NSW Train Link Customers not Sydney Trains.

In saying that I  have caught 2 Quiet trains so far on NSW Train Link services. I now would like to see if we do get Quiet carriages on  with Sydney Trains.


Anonymous said...

If you clinked on that link that you provided, you would see that quiet carriages are only on Intercity services. Since there are no Intercity services that stop at Mount Druitt, there is no way that these commuters could have been in the wrong.

Quiet carriages are designated by NSWTrainLink, not Sydney Trains. Check your facts first please.

D said...

You know, you don't have to colour the words "Sydney Trains" or whatever every time you use them. The orange is a bit distracting and kind of hard to read sometimes. Can't imagine what it would be like for people who are more visually impaired.

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