Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Electronic Indicators on Train Carriages - Ropes Crossing Commuter

A few days ago, Eish from from Ropes Crossing travels by private car to St Marys and then Sydney Trains from St Marys to Blacktown and return.

This Singapore Train carriage,
the lights
 light up as you
reach the train station
She would improvements to be made on inside trains, where there should be electronic indicators, displayed on each end and level of carriages. 

In Singapore all trains have electronic indicators. She knows of people arriving from Singapore to Sydney Australia and when they were using Sydney Trains, they didn't understand train announcements along the journey. 

This was a one-off train trip to Lidcome where she works, normally she drives a car to work - claims she would use public transport, except to her it is expensive!

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