Monday, November 4, 2013

'Commuter Feet-Seaters' - Should Face Strigent Fines - Doonside Commuter!

Local commuters have they say to me, every day I speak to different people - the ones I meet. People are great! People is what makes public transport work.

So today I met Chami from Doonside who shared improvements in public transport he would like  to seek, with quite strong passion. He commutes from Doonside train station to Central train Station and then transfers to Kingsgrove train station on the Revesby Line.

In winter time there  has been no heating on Sydney Train carriages
early in the morning  prior to 6 am, leaving Doonside train station. Mind you he admits it is not all trains and it happens 1 to 2 days per week.. Also he claims the same happens in an opposite manner with Summer, air-conditioners are not working. He would like more post 2000 made train carriages to run on the Western/ North Shore line. He claims the carriages with the open windows and made prior to 2000, they are  train carriages they need to be maintained and serviced properly.

Commuter Feet- Seater
One of his 'Pet hates' is commuters that always opposite place their feet on other seats  known as 'Commuter Feet-Seaters' purposely. He believes that their should be stringent fines applied. He even told myself that a guard made an announcement on a train one day, asking to a commuter to take their feet of the seat.  I was curious to find out how would a guard know somebody's feet are on seats.He cleared the air and reminded myself, that the new train carriages have cameras watch what people are doing.
Here is a current example!

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