Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lost Bus Driver Drops Off Commuter!

A St Clair commuter Jeanette  had told myself of why has happened on a recent bus trip, since the new time tables have been put in place. a friend of hers told her.

There were bus commuters, one day, that travelling from Penrith through to Cambridge Park  and then went off-route to streets where the bus was not suppose to go. Commuters on the bus advised him of this error and took commuters to Werrington shops, then commuters were asked to get off the bus and walk to the train station.

It appeared that the bus driver was confused and  may have been stressed for taking commuters to the wrong street. Maybe he needed time out - I'm not sure how commuters treated the bus driver, yet I would have treated him with extreme calm respect!

Editors Notes:  Do Busways properly train  bus drivers on each individual  bus route for new bus drivers or are they expected to study the routes and  take commuters around. I do know they  are training them on routes in one 2 days - bus does it cover all routes in  NSW Bus Region 1

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