Friday, November 8, 2013

Is Your Busways Bus Clean And Air-Conditioned?

Not according to a lady commuter. She advised myself that when she caught the Busways 758 Bus in Blackett around  after 7 am today heading to Mount Druitt and started to feel a bit warm in a so called air-conditioned bus, which wasn't air-conditioned.

At the same time, as she sat down on the seat and wiped her finger on the seat, noticing there was a complete layer of dust not even touched for a long while. She then wiped her finger on the seat in front of her, noticed how unclean it was around her. It seemed that there wasn't any rubbished cleaned for possibly over a week on the bus. This sent shivers down her spine!

The bus driver reported the incident to the depot and was told that there was ten ladies cleaning  bus overnight, they will see which person didn't do their duty.

At least the bus  driver took action, personally if I was the bus driver I would have asked for replacement buses straight away and take it off the road.

The suggestion would be that Busways management to ensure that buses are checked for  Healthy & safety reasons, prior to the bus leaving the depot and  for Transport for NSW to do  on the spot checks on Busways buses to ensure cleaning procedures are followed and complied too.

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