Sunday, November 3, 2013

Early Sundays Services, leaves Commuters Behind!

M y daughter and myself met a young lady called Keisha from Whalan as we were waiting for the 780 Busways bus near Waikanda Crescent.

Keisha works five days a week in Penrith and advised that although she arrives at the bus stop early, the bus arrives early at the the bus stop. So  Keisha  has to then walk across the road, catch the 780 to Mount Druitt and then , train to Penrith which can  add 10 minutes to 30 minutes  to her total travelling trip and may make her reach work late. As the 780 is an hourly service this is what may cause  issues and this hourly service is on Sundays.

She would like to see more 780 bus services that would then increase the  commuters to catch more public transport. The trip was great for myself in 1/2 an hour in Penrith, ready for what we had to do. I will use the 780 to get to Penrith from my place from now on when I need to do so!

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