Friday, November 15, 2013

Possible Future Of Mount Druitt Train Station!

My vision of Mount Druitt Bus Interchange for the future is  probably going to shock you. Yet, as I have been growing up, I have developed a belief for the future. A belief that forward thinking is required to cater for our future and our children future and so on.

A lot of people that  know myself knows that I was born and lived in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for a majority of my life, so far. I have lived in many suburbs in Eastern Suburbs from Paddington, Bondi Beach, Bronte, Bondi, Bondi Junction and Kingsford. I remember how the built up housing areas were basically single dwelling housing or terrace style housing and some places had 4 - 6 stories of units.

Now, when I look at these places some have turned to high rise residential dwelling to median residential dwelling.  So it has changed from being comfortable living to  becoming overcrowding and not  to forget to add 'Property Expensive'.  After years of living  in Mount Druitt and within the Greater Western Sydney, I will not be moved  to move outside the area and would feel uncomfortable to live in the Eastern Suburbs - otherwise known ''Not in my comfort zone'!

Yet people that live out Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs are prone for more higher development to happen, as developers buy up resident blocks and  create high rise living areas. Some areas have not had  sudden increases in density dwellings but in time the demand will outweigh the supply of land to crease the density dwellings.

There will be a bigger push out west to increase residential dwellings from single to median density and then later, high density density dwellings (hopefully not in my lifetime)! So how does one think  Town Planners will plan for Mount Druitt, this is easy!

 High rise  residential housing  over Mount Druitt train station and all other trains along the  North Shore/ Western Line T1. You may not think it is impossible, yet it  is happening in Sydney - here is a  picture of Bondi Junction bus interchange: The train station is underground and high rise development dwellings right on top of the bus interchange. Also there is Edgecliff train station as well. So what ever happens out East will happen out  West!

Bondi Junction Bus Interchange could be the vision
for Mount Druitt train station future

The entrance to Edgecliff train station

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