Saturday, November 23, 2013

Traffic Lights Required And Issues With Turn Around Times!

Bus drivers requires traffic lights to replace the round about outside  Mount Druitt Bus interchange.

It has been brought to my attention, by a Busways bus driver that the roundabout exiting and entering Mount Druitt bus interchange, is a hazard for bus drivers as they leave the Mount Druitt bus interchange, at North Parade, Mount Druitt. 'There have been so many near misses, in the time I have been a bus driver!' quoted the bus driver.

A recommendation is to replace with  traffic lights which will provide a safer way for drivers to exit the intersection

Although a lot of bus drivers are reserved by raising the issue at Busways Management in Glendinning, they feel that their request be not adhered too. At then end of the day there would be more than 30,000 cars & buses passing through the intersection and this is one the prerequisites for a traffic light to be installed there and approved.

H e and other Busways bus drivers are not happy with the 3-5 minute turn around time for the  end of each trip and  some drivers are speeding over the required limit to catch up with time table as  the bus stops and this is added to the travelling time. He said of the buses being more than 5 minutes late, there is no chance for a break for the bus driver!

Maybe this could be looked into by NSW for Transport, to ensure bus drivers are getting their required  breaks after trips are completed!

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