Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Trains At Mount Druitt Stopping And Less IN Smaller Train Stations - Shalvey Commuter!

Well how will public transport improve for the future is very simple. We need to talk to our neighbours, families, friends politicians,  business owners, workers, retirees, young, middle aged people, all politicians, all transport workers, NSW government  representatives and importantly.......................commuters!

So as I take time out to talk to all commuters available to speak to myself, then comes the ideas, suggestions and motions to change public transport services and/or infrastructure  to be improved and better. It is the old Australian saying, ' Have a go mate!'

If we are giving the opportunity to have a  'say' or 'go' then comes  the power to spread your own idea. I am so proud of each commuter that has spoken to me, they are the real people that can change public transport , they way they want to have it.

So a man called Shuai from Shalvey travels by car to Mount Druitt and parks in a car park, from there he travels by Sydney Trains  from Mount Druitt to Central.

he is pretty satisfied with the new time table changes. He has been travelling for  8-9 years and for him the new time tables are better for Mount Druitt commuters as more trains are stopping and less trains stop at smaller train stations like Wentworthville. 

Before the new time table changes, more trains stopped at smaller train stations. Suggestions are that commuters catching trains with reduced stopping trains may not be that that happy, yet he does agree it is hard to the NSW Government to please everyone!

 The ideal situation would be subway trains all around sydney arriving every 5 minutes,  at every train station. This will please everyone maybe  not being that realistic.

With buses he doesn't catch 755 Busways bus early in the mornings as  to catch the Sydney Train at Mount Druitt around 7 am, he would need  to leave home at 6.10 am - walk for 20 minutes to get the bus at Shalvey. He leaves home at 6.30am drives his car to the car park at Mount Druitt as he finds it more efficient and more reliable than catching the bus.

Editors Notes: So this is a good example where the commuter is prepared to catch trains because of the  services provided and because of the services provided by Busways  buses  the commuter does not find it attractive to catch. It goes back to have better bus services on the 755 bus service, every 15 minutes,  back to what it was before, a few years ago!

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