Thursday, November 21, 2013

Off-Peak Train Services - Require More Security On Journeys!

Just on a week ago, I met Rick who is moving with his wife  from Doonside to Ropes Crossing - catches  Busways bus 750 and 761 to Doonside from Mount Druitt, also Sydney trains to Doonside and Penrith.

With trains he finds a lot of people are doing anti-social  behaviors: like shouting and making trains dirty on off-peak times. He would like to see more improvements in these areas by expressing comments and concerns (like providing information to myself, so I can publish more blogs), which the NSW Government and Public transport stake holders take note and provide further improvements.

He has notice the the new train carriages that he has been travelling on, are quite comfortable but hardly any safety/security officers are present so far to be seen on these journeys.

In other countries if you are caught vandalising trains, you have to financially pay for the damage. There is no deterrent to kerb bad behaviour and things like that happening , except  to pay for it!
If these are fixed there will be  more commuters catching trains.

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