Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Busways 758 became Busways 755!!!

This could be a sign for the future! This evening I experience a Busways 758, mistakenly turn left into Bulolo Drive, Whalan.

What is special about this is we are looking at extra 755 bus services to reach to Shalvey and this action supports it.

Commuters on the back of the bus were relaxed and  notified the bus driver nicely. He reversed the bus carefully back into Belmore Road, with the help of  all commuters who had told him, when it was clear to reverse into  Belmore Road. 

What was so good every was pleased the bus driver had done this and then travelling back onto Belmore  Road and  then into Woodstock Roads.

A lady, 'Thanked' the bus driver as she left the bus and later commented to myself as how all  people on the bus were well behaved as sometime people can become upset. I checked how the driver was and said, 'We are all not perfect!'

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